Sunday, March 30, 2008

Variations on a Theme - Pink Butterflies

A few weeks ago, Cindy Elliot-Park issued a challenge to me: re-design the pink journal pages I made (here and here) into ATCs! Well, I absolutely love this technique, and being who I am, I couldn't resist. And once I got started, I couldn't stop. LOL!

Here is a scan of nine of my favorites:

Here's what I did: Paint pink and white acrylics on white cardstock. Allow to dry, then cut into ATC-size panels. Stamp butterfly from Stampington & Co. with various dye inks and allow to dry. Paint over butterfly images with white acrylics and white gesso. The white acrylic will pick up the dye ink underneath, creating a sheer effect. Gesso is thicker and adds the opaque white highlights.
As a "Thank You" for the challenge and inspiration, I'm sending the one in the center to my challenger, Cindy. The others are available for trade, so leave a comment here with your email, or post a note on the SSReflections Yahoo Group, or email me at (put ATC Trade - Butterfly in the subject line, or it may go to spam and be deleted) and I'll respond.
As always, thanks for looking!


Judi said...

As always, Flo, these are gorgeous! Can you help your artsy challenged friend? What does "redesign into ATCs" mean? What did you have to do differently with the original designs?

So??? When are we going to see something with Celtic inspired artwork?? (Hmmm... was that a hint?)

Hugs!! Judi

Flo said...

Why, Judi... how kind of you! I forgot to put in the blog that the original pieces were 5x7" and ATC (Artist Trading Cards) are 2.5"x3.5" - about the size of a Baseball Trading card. I'll update the post in a bit. Thanks for that gentle reminder that not all my readers (and friends) are artsy! :)

Sue said...

These are gorgeous, Flo! I love all of them! It's a shame to break them up though; they'd look lovely framed together!

Michelle said...

They're gorgeous, Flo! I love the colors and the butterfly is beautiful. Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty and original Flo, loved your butterflies. I think you met your challenge wonderfully and artistcally.
Well done you go girl.
hugs Rayn

michelle ward said...

Flo - these are lovely - clicking to enlarge really shows the depth of painting talent. (cool to see an old design of mine too "vision") And as to your email, yes, thanks....and come play!!

Wanda H said...

Flo, these atcs are beautiful!!! I'd love to trade if you have any left.

Thanks for your comment on my blog!!

Wanda H said...

Neglected to leave my email.