Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back in Cyberspace!!

Wow, oh, wow! Three weeks with no internet just about drove me nuts! I missed reading the notes and blogs of my friends and I felt sooooo disconnected! Well, I was! LOL

Anyway, I'm back and it's too cool. I'm gonna celebrate by posting the journal page I made for my friend Wendy Pettifer (click here to go to her blog). She recently had surgery for breast cancer and asked all the folks in the SSReflections Yahoo Group to send a journal page (all in pink) if they wished.
Wendy, you're in my thoughts and my prayers for a successful treatment and speedy recovery! Here's your page, it'll be in the mail tomorrow (I hope):


Wanda H said...

This is a gorgeous page!!!

Ape Maya said...

Beautiful page!

Anonymous said...

Mom, SUCH a pretty page. Love it!

Sue said...

This is perfect, Flo!