Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sharing Friendship & Altered Stuff

I have such wonderful friends at work. They all think I make such lovely things and I always enjoy sharing little gifts, made by hand and with love.

These are paper-clip containers that I've altered, one for myself and one for my dear friend Pat at work. They started life as a clear plastic container, just one of those throw-away cups that binder clips come in. Of course, I never throw anything away (husband sighing in the background), and I knew just what to do: alter and re-use as paper-clip holders!

I measured scrapbook paper long enough to go all the around the cup, with about an inch over-lap. Stamp on the paper, then attach with adhesive dots or roller. Then, you can gently poke holes through the cup and attach paper or silk flowers with brads.

I know Pat will enjoy her little decorative paper-clip holder, and I so enjoyed making it for her. And, if I've provided inspiration for your own creations as well, please let me know! It's such a joy for me to see what other folks are making and sharing.

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neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Wow...These are beautiful!
I would love one on my desk!