Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's the Little Things....

No art to post today, but I just have to share a few thoughts with you. Have you ever had one of those days where all the "little things" just seem to go right? The printer doesn't jam when you're printing 250 invoices, the paper goes in the right way, you hear small bits & pieces of good news all through the day, and every little thing just keeps getting better & better. I've had one of those days. And let me tell you it's such a relief from the days where every little thing goes wrong.

So, I come home from a long day of celebrating the little things, and find 3 little gifties from my grown daughter! She went to Michaels, saw these things and thought of me. And the fact that they came with a little price-tag made it just that much better! The bunny & alphabet set are each no more than 2 inches, and each cost $1! The adorable brads were a bit more pricey, but I bet I can get 23 projects out of the set!

Here's to the Little Things in Life! May your days be filled with Lots of Lovely Little Things!

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