Saturday, February 14, 2009

He brought me flowers...

What does Valentine's Day mean to you? To most, it's an occasion set aside for celebrating the loves in your life. But isn't it nice when you can celebrate love every day of the year? Yes, take a few moments each February 14 to say "I Love You" to your dear ones. But I personally don't see any need for extravagant gift-giving.

My darling husband (of 23+ years) is not one to buy into the global gift-giving craze that retailers promote, usurping the true purpose behind a "holiday". Occasionally, he has surprised me by bringing me an extravagant gift for Christmas, our anniversary or Valentines Day. But mostly, we recognize those occasions as time to be spent together - and there's no need for lavish spending.

Mostly, his gift-giving is thoughtful and heart-felt. As today, when I awoke to a sweet bouquet of white tulips and a too-sweet box of chocolates. Wasn't expecting a thing! And the most important thing to me is this: Lee gives me his most precious gift every day - his love, devotion and steadfastness.
Once again, it's the little things...

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