Monday, January 7, 2008

No more Flourishes Saturday - Jan 5 2008

I was over at Outside Your Box Saturdays to check out their challenge site - looks like fun, I said to myself. Then I saw in big red letters a "NO FLOURISH ZONE" sign! No flourishes?! I can't post anything with flourishes? No swirls? My creations look naked without swirls and flourishes!

Well, I really wanted to post to this challenge site - the first one I've posted to - because the challenge was to use three colors of acrylic paint. And I love acrylic paint almost as much as I love rubber stamps. So, I did it. Three items here, and I didn't use one single flourish or swirl!

Truth be told, the swirls were a great trend for a while, but I've noticed quite a LOT of use of swirls and flourishes in all the magazines and websites - and over-use can sadly make a really nice thing a bit tired. I'm letting my swirls rest for a while.


A Note From The Queen said...

WOW, you did awesome work!!! See you don't NEED flourishes. LOL

Cindy said...

Beautiful pieces! I love your work.

Rosie said...

These are afb! I'm no expert and I liked all 3 of your pieces so much that it's inspired me to experiment more with my acylics. Thanks! :D

to Autumn Light Designs said...

Hi Rosie,

Awesome, flourish-free collages. I love these!

to Autumn Light Designs said...

Whoops, Flo--sorry I was just visiting Rosie's blog--meant to address my comment to you!